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Eastern Orthodox Iconography
custom-mounted by hand
100% reclaimed wood

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"Beauty shall save the world."    
- F. Dostoyevsky

The living tradition of sacred iconography can be approached in a number of ways: the historical, the cultural, the aesthetic. On a spiritual level, and vital to the life of Eastern Orthodoxy, are the liturgical and theological ways.

The Holy Trinity, the Angels, the Son of God incarnate - Jesus Christ; His blessed and all-pure Mother - Mary; the innumerable Saints - all these are represented as eternal Divine realities through a visual vocabulary that is not of this transitory world... this is the purpose and mission of iconography in the Christian East.

Our purpose and mission is to make this holy beauty available, especially to those sensitive souls in whom the ring of its truth echoes loud and clear. In order to do this, we have sourced well-known and less well-known images from various traditions: Byzantine, Russian, Serbian, Ethiopic, Coptic... Copyright enquiries are undertaken where possible for images which are privately owned or not in the public domain.